Sideshow Captain America Figure – Exclusive First Look!

We are big fans of Sideshow Collectibles over here at Variant, and over the years they’ve become great friends to our community. So, today we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them to give you an Exclusive first look at this new Captain America 1:6 scale figure by Sideshow.

This new Captain America is the latest edition to an ongoing classic comic-book inspired series of 1:6 scale figures, with a Sideshow twist, which already features amazing Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Thor, Deadpool, Punisher, and Luke Cage figures. We actually have the Wolverine and Deadpool figures here in the studio, and the vintage look and signature Sideshow detail make them some of

Captain America 1:6 Figure

our favorite pieces. That said, this Captain America looks to be equally designed and detailed in his classic red, white, and blue uniform.

This new 1:6 scale Cap figure is also a mixed media piece, so it features a combination of real fabric and stitching with sculpted costuming. A unique feature that gives it a more realistic feel. Then there is Caps classic and iconic shield, which can either be attached to his back, using a magnetic shield mount feature in the shape of his iconic star, or to his arm so you can display him in a battle ready pose.

Understandably, you probably want to know when and where you can get your hand on one of these. Well, Sideshow isn’t giving up the release date just yet, but if you want to be among the first to know when it is available for pre-order, head over to sideshow.com/captfigure and RSVP to receive the details as they are announced. This will likely sellout quickly, so be sure to get on that list.

Hopefully we can get our hands on one of these from Sideshow when they’re available, and when we do, we will post a complete review of the figure for you.

Captain America 1:6 Figure


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