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‘Batman Who Laughs’ Miniseries Will Introduce Brutal New Alternate Batman

Scott Snyder and Jock announced their next project together during DC Comics’ Justice League panel at Comic-Con International, and it’s pretty safe to say nobody saw this one coming.

The former Detective Comics creative team are joining forces once more for The Batman Who Laughs, a miniseries launching in November. And while that’s not really too surprising, considering the popularity of the twisted multidimensional Batman, his new sidekick is.

The Batman Who Laughs #1 cover by Jock

“I wanted to get back to my roots and door horror. I wanted to make the scariest, darkest Batman story I’ve ever done,” Snyder told the gathered audience of fans. “The Batman Who Laughs is coming back… he’s got a really evil plan. And he’s got a new Dark Knight with him, an evil Batman that picked up Joe Chill’s gun in the alley and shot him.

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“It’s another one of Batman’s worst nightmares,” Snyder continued. “This is like Punisher Batman, but it’s also Bruce Wayne, which makes him terrifying…he’s rich, he has access to everything. He’s the deadliest Dark Knight ever and he’s coming to the DC Universe as a henchman of the Batman who Laughs.”

Shortly after the announcement, Jock tweeted out both the cover for the miniseries’ first issue, and concept art depicting the new, gun-wielding Dark Knight.

Scott Snyder and Jock’s The Batman Who Laughs #1 will terrorize readers — and Gotham City — in November.

Jock’s design for DC Comics’ newest twisted Batman


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