Warner Bros. Releases Aquaman Motion Poster For ‘Justice League’

During the final day of New York Comic Con this past Sunday, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment released the latest trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie. They followed that up by announcing on social media that it’s Aquaman week, releasing a new Aquaman-centric motion poster for Justice League.

It starts with a black and white look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman, before a light carves out half of his logo, colorizes that part of the poster. Check it out in motion below.

I’d bet that we’ll be seeing matching motion posters for each of the other JL members as we draw closer to the movie’s release on November 17th. See the new ‘Justice League’ trailer below.

Written by Tim Connolly

Tim is a Writer, Producer, and all-around Family Man.

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  1. I just wish there was a bit more orange on Aquaman’s costume. All of the green that he’s wearing will make him stand out less when Green Lantern inevitably shows up in the future

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