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    Today’s episode addressed the question, “Is Superman Too Overpowered?“. And now that you’ve heard our take on it, what say you?

    Remember, we’re all about friendly debate. So, no blood. 🙂

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    Superman’s greatest power is selfcontrol. We all know he could do great damage with his abilities, but he doesn’t, well unless he has had his mind taken over. He can battle a human and not just destroy them, then turn and destroy a god to save all of man kind. He isnt prideful or arrogent, he just does what he can even give his life if he has too.

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    Well, whenever we ask if something is overpowered, we need to ask: “Overpowered in terms of what?”

    Superman is definitely too overpowered to tell the kinds of stories Batman is famed for. He can easily blow past Iron Man, Thor, and even Sentry. He would be at home among the cosmic entities who can snap their fingers and make whole planets come into existence. So, depending on the kind of story you’re telling, we can see how he could go from massively overpowered to slightly below par, as Superman can’t punch a planet into existing… at least not just yet.

    Arris is arguing that Superman is supposed to be a metaphor for the limitless potential of humanity. And as long as those are the kind of stories you’re telling, his limitless power is appropriate. Granted, those are not always the type of stories we get with Supes, which is part of the problem. Superman is meant as an illustration for a certain kind of story, and moving him into other kinds of stories tends to not work out.

    Now, I see that this is kind of limiting– you can only really tell a few kinds of stories this way. And if those kinds of stories aren’t your bag, that’s fine. I’m not sure I’ve enjoyed most of those Superman stories myself. But it is a legitimate style, and they’ve still got room to tell more stories along those lines.

    Sure, maybe I’m not likely to go out and buy a lot of Superman comics, because I think the stories are a tad predictable. That doesn’t mean those stories aren’t enjoyable to many.

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    First and foremost, big shot outs to you and the Variant family.
    Now, having that being said, i say this..( not my words, but words from someone ) when ANYONE of strength is brought up in comics (fights, abilities so on and so forth ) they’re always compare them to Superman..ALWAYS.. Hulk vs Superman / Thor VS Superman / Goku vs Superman. List goes on and on. The guy at base power can already destroy a galaxy if need be with out even thinking to much of it and yet they still STILL make more powerful versions of this guy… why? Superman Prime, Superman one million or Kal-Kent. He is ALWAYS the come to guy when Justice League is in danger or for that matter the DC universe. why?
    Is he over powered. of course he is!! and i say think of it like this. everyone that has to really do harm to Superman has to be a God. A GOD.. The One Above All should not even be compared to be in the same bracket to Superman when it comes to anything. HE IS A GOD but yet Superman is on a fair battle grounds with him. Spectre?? Really. Again a being whom is way surpass Superman and yet is felt Superman is in his bracket.. NEGATIVE!! No matter what story line or universe Superman you speak of, he is always placed overpowered. lets be honest. Blue Marvel is an extremely OP character and yet you hear nothing on him. Supreme..OP people on pare with Superman. not gods.
    I know everything is based on the writers, but goodness. you have thousands of other beings in the DC universe to spread these… gifts and yet you always give it to the one that already has it all. thats like writing a billionaire a million dollar check cause you feel they needs it. ( i can breath now ) lol

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    Before I start, I agree that Superman did stand as a sign of hope and that he does symbolize everything good in the world, but I would like to make a few points. As you all know, as a Kryptonian on a planet with a yellow sun, Superman does have amazing powers and abilities. But, I do not think that he is too overpowered. In order to be overpowered, the person can not be stopped in any way, it means it has no weaknesses, Superman can still be stopped. His primary weaknesses are various colors of Krytonite, Magic, and red sun radiation. Having these specific weaknesses means that he is NOT overpowered. He has also been beaten and even killed in the past. I think that you should do a video on if Doomsday, Dr Manhattan, or other characters are overpowered

    Edit: Yes, Superman is VERY powerful, almost godlike. But I still think he can be beaten by someone such as Dr Manhattan or the Presence, this means that he is NOT too overpowered. Also, not including alternate or more powerful versions of Superman.

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      I very much agree with you. I don’t even think you need to go as far as saying he can be beaten by someone like the Presence. There are lots of characters that can beat Superman, he’s constantly fighting strong characters but there have always been characters that are capable of beating him. And characters like Martian Manhunter or Doctor Manhattan clearly have more power than him. He has weaknesses too that can easily be exploited. However my main argument for why Superman is not overpowered is because he’s fighting characters that are as strong if not stronger than him the majority of the time. He’s fighting different level foes than characters like Batman and Green Arrow. He’s fighting characters that are a threat to the entire planet or sometimes even in the solar system. If he was a weaker character like the flash or Batman he wouldn’t be able to handle these huge threats that the Earth faces. This would lead to Devastation on the planet. Plus Superman’s is the first superhero in comics, respect your elders my nerds.

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    Superman Is Supposed To Have Great Powers. He Is Supposed To Be The Golden Boy Of DC. And Doesn’t Bother Me That He Has Different Kind Of Powers Or That He Is Unkillable. That Actually Proves How Great Superhero. Anyway It’s Not Like He Is A Boring Hero Or Anything. He Has A Great Way Of Showing Hope And His Stories Are Awesome. Anyway In My Perspective Superman Is Not Overpowered He Is Just As Cool As The Way He Is

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    The power of Superman is always to be great as his power is used as a tool. In older comics Superman would always be trying to make the criminal see the error of their ways and try to give them a chance at redemption. He isn’t like Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and so on as he was to be an embodiment of hope as you suggested in your video which does make him Christ like. Difference being that this being a temporal existence rather than an eternal spiritual one much like firefighters, police, doctors and so on. Superman even though great as he is, is overpowered when we are talking about brining in the solar flare power and strength to move planets. As humans we have limitations and even though he is not human could still have a limitation that he must overcome much like humans. This is a reason why Batman is quite relatable. Not saying this would have to be present at all times but once in a while would be good as there shoud be a fine line in comics even though being a fantasy that should not be crossed and brought down a little more to Earth.

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    Superman gets a lot of hate for being a too powerful “Mary Sue” (flawless character) and “every trick pony”. This is true, BUT people are missing the point of his character due to him being viewed though the lense used to view a conventional hero.

    He is not meant to be a regular person, he is an ideal for people and humanity to be inspired by. Barack Obama once jokingly said “contrary to the rumours you’ve herd. I was not born in A Manger” (Referencing Christ), “I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the planet Earth.” This may have been a joke but what he said had weight, the reference to Christ tells us he is no god and no saint but the reference to superman says he is here to help (yes, as you mentioned Superman is a Christ like figure to some but in truth he is just here to help). Superman could hold up an entire multiverse without breaking a sweat and I wouldn’t care, I did care the time he helped a girl find her true strength and saved her from the fate she almost thrusted upon herself through suicide. As you said, the character is meant to be the embodiment of hope, giving that hope to many people in and outside of his comics but also represented by his hope to be accepted as a human, as a person. He uses his strength to protect people and prove to them he cares. This may work for some people but many will not trust him and view him as alien in the same way some readers don’t view him as an interesting character, that reason is he has no flaws.

    Now, a flaw is a very important aspect of a character, they make them more relatable and interesting. Superman has flaws; he cares too much and is too optimistic that he will be accepted by humanity. By showing his strength he won’t be accepted, people won’t trust him because he’s too strong, because he has “no flaw” his undying sense of optimism in a world where no one thinks he belongs is his biggest flaw, he also has flaws he vents through the identity of Clark Kent, the bumbling reporter who’s love for Lois Lane is just as strong as Superman’s. His love for her is very real along with all of his flaws and dreams.

    The nerdwriter did an awesome video on this topic called “Clark Kent is Superman’s true identity” that you should totally check out and it can be found here:

    He’s also relatable in the sense that any immigrant can understand how he feels being an outsider. He is a flawed character which dreams who repents the hope, strength and optimism the world needs, that is why Superman resonates with people, that is why superman is an amazing character.

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    Sam Sweeney

    I feel he is overpowered, but he’s supported to be. He’s a character that demonstrates no form of limit to his power, and we’ll never know how strong he can actually become.

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    When You Consider How Many Powers He Has (Heat Vision, Shooting Himself From His Hands, Flight, Strength, Speed, Freeze Breath, Invulnerability, Super Flare Etc.) And That He Really Only Has 3 Weaknesses (Kryptonite, Magic, And Red Sun Radiation) Then Yeah, I’d Say He’s OP, But I Don’t Think He’s That Boring.

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    I think Superman is too powerfull, by the share fact of how the writers deal with his weakness. One of his biggest weaknesses is Krytonite, yet everytime Superman comes in contact with it. It doesn’t overwhelm him, instead he is just magically able to survive it. Why… Because the writers just make it happen, they decide Superman will just somehow survive his biggest weakness!

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    Well compared to galactus, silver surfer, matthew malloy, the celestials, franklin richards, the spectre, lucifer morningstar, michael demigueros, and scarlet witch. No he is nowhere near a cosmic level threat like these guys that I mentioned. His powers are mostly physical and his heat vision won’t do anything to these guy’s so in reality he aint that powerful.

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    I agree Superman is overpowered. Few weaknesses here and there. But he does have weaknesses. He is able to die. The reason he keeps coming back to life and he is so powerful, because hes Superman. First superhero, paved the way for super heroes. He is the symbol of a hero, and many heroes are based or sampled off of him. Him being overpowered does not mean he is the supreme hero or being. It is because he gives hope and that his sense of first recognizing as human rather than Kryptonian. He is aware of his strengths, but his self-control of his power and strength, caring of many, and willing to not kill is what makes him even more human.

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