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    What would happen if every robin fought in an all out war for the mantle of the batman?
    Of course without killing!
    Personally I think night wing will come out at first place, red hood second, Damian Wayne third and well Tim drake loses.

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    what i think is it will come down to Damian Wayne and Dick Greyson aka Nightwing.
    as damian being the son of batman and also being grandson of ra’s al ghul but nightwing being the partner of batman for the longest has certainly given him a lot.
    rest of the two are to loose just because of their emotional issues. Not able to keep them in check.

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    Without Batman to keep him in check, Damian might kill them.

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    Damian is the best robin when he is on his own while the others do better with batman it would probably be damian or dick.

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    nightwing and red robin both have already gymnast experience and been train by batman
    Redhood and Robin not only been by batman but also the league of assassin and if you count the story red hood lost day red hood also learn by alot of people just like batman so i have to go with red hood.

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    This is a tough question because every robin is skilled in their own way. However i would have to say Nightwing would win.

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