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    I haven’t seen it yet, and I’m not sure I’m going to. To those who have seen it, what did you think of the new Venom movie?

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    A few holes in the overall story. With a solid knowledge of Venom’s history and a few educated inferences you can fill in those holes. I absolutely loved the action and CGI, a literal work of art and I was smiling seeing Venom on the big screen how he should be, not some 5’8″ slimy cat climbing on walls but the absolute beast he’s supposed to be. However, Venom without Spider-Man is just unnatural and feels weird to accept, but knowing the studio had no option they did a good job. Now, you might not be able to get over some of these things, but you will not be thinking about plot holes when Eddie turns into Venom and catches that smoke grenade.

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