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    DC Has Many Cancelled Shows And Many Aired Animated Shows
    But It’s Not Enough
    Now With A Teen Titans Live Action Show Coming
    Which Character Would You Like To Get Their Own Show ( Live Action Or Animated)

    My Personal Choice : Superboy And Robin(Damian Wayne)

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    I would definitely love to see a animated Red Hood and the outlaws(Arsenal and Bizzaro)tv show and live action i would say probably either Shazam or Blue Beetle

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    A DC show minus the Flash really hasn’t been awe inspiring in my opinion. Now an animated television show? Shit where do I begin? The Gotham City Sirens, or is it Central City… as an animated show would be the best thing ever. DC hasn’t been doing too well with live action and need to stick with what they know, animated series

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    Batman!!! No not Gotham but actually A grown Bruce Wayne. That would start like ” My name is Bruce Wayne and i am the world’s greatest detective. When i was 10 years old i witnessed the murder of my parents at the hands of a low-life and since then i swore to serve justice to any others like him. With the immense fortune i inherited and the help of my butler Alfred i became a symbol of fear for Gotham’s criminals. To everyone i am a spoiled billionaire playboy but to the underworld i am Vengeance, i am the night… i am Batman”

    And a shazam live-action series would be great too

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    I am a die hard Superman fan.I would like Superman get his own show.

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      haha i mean he already did. Smallville. But as an adult that would be rather conflicting with the movie and how people already dislike the movie.

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    Justice League/Justice Society of America/All Star Squadron. But the characters themselve would have to stay true to there comic counterparts but be brought down to Earth more given better realistic situations and boundaries. Allowing just anything and everything to be possible or to happen without reason doesn’t make for a good series or reason.

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    Another Batman Show Or One About His Villians

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    I Would say these
    – Redhood and the Outlaws. Preferably Artemis and Bizarro
    – Constantine or Zatanna or Justice League Dark
    – Martian Manhunter
    – Vixen. Perfect.
    – Black Canary but she is already involved in Arrow
    – Birds of Prey or Gotham City Sirens
    – Robins or Batgirl or Batwoman
    – Def wanna see BlueBeetle
    – Question
    – Even better a show on New Gods!

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    Great ideas thrown around already.

    I think question or rorshach would be great. I also would love to see Shazam get some love.

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    I would like to see either The Atom or Martian Manhunter. I think these 2 characters are very interesting and i also think a live action show or animated show could make them more known to the non die hard comic fans.

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    Nightwing would be awesome as a tv show.
    Great villains works at a bar think about it ?

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    I think Sandman (Wesley Dodds) should get his own tv show because to me i think hes a cool superhero that not many people know about.

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