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    For me I want John Stewart in the movie reason being is I grew up watching the Justice League tv show and I always thought John was a badass second to Batman and I think he can add a little more variety to the movie with his back story and his will power

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    i think hal jordn should be on it since he was the first human green lantern and a founding member in the comics

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    I think Hal Jordan should be the Justice league Green Lantern because he could be the bright and funny member of the Justice league that gives them all a hard time. its about time we have a green lantern movie done right and i think that its best to start it from the beginning.

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    People will hate me but Guy Gardner is my favorite but Hal Jordan will work better with other characters while Guy could do better with John in the Green Lantern Corps movie

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    I like most the green lanterns honestly, but my favorite is Hal. I wouldn’t be upset if it were Hal or Jon either one works, but I’d prefer Hal Jordan.

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    I’d be extremely happy with either Hal or John. Then introduce Guy and Kyle in the GL Corps movie.

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    Really, I’d be happy with Hal, Jon, or Kyle. I personally am not very fond of Guy and I think there’s essentially NO WAY that they’ll do Alan or Simon. While I would like to see Hal because he’s one of the Justice League’s founders and his brighter personality would help with the overall very dark tone of the DCEU, we’ve never seen Jon or Kyle on the big screen before and I think Jon could bring in a lot of interesting character dynamics. As long as Green Lantern is very creative with his constructs (e.g. throw a bus at a villain rather than just shoot an energy blast from the ring) I’ll be happy with anyone.

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    Hal or Kyle. Batman is serious enough, don’t need Jon in that mix.

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    I agree with the most! Hal Jordan is the founding member and the foundation of the human Lantern Corps. Then Introduce Guy, John and Kyle. But i do like John for his great will power and Kyle was the best Green Lantern out there. I have not much experience with Simon and Jessica. They’re fairly new, but i heard they are great. To early and not a great idea to throw them in the Justice League.

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    I agree with Superman and ManOfStell that Hal Jordan should be in the justice league because he is one of the founding members even though my favourtie lantern is Kyle Rayner.

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